Sunday, 28 June 2020

Housing Boom

The village is rapidly filling up with buildings and the ground works are taking shape.  The base for the cobbled roads is PVA glue mixed with sand which sets as hard as concrete.  On top, we will put another thin layer of PVA and then attach a very course sand to simulate cobbles.

Various non diorama things appear in  the background including a mug, my daughter's doll's house and some house plants.

The buildings are not yet attached and will be 'dug in' in due course.  14 buildings done, about 30 to go!

The cemetery wall is not yet attached and the path from the road up to the church door is yet to be built.

This building is still to be painted.  

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  1. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Birdseed too makes convincing cobblestones when fixed and painted/dry-brushed.

    Best Regards,